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5 things that make my life easier as a mama

5 things that make my life easier as a mama

Raise your hand if your a mama and you find yourself taking care of everyone and everything else before yourself!

Sadly this is common across so many women. Which is why I like to do a happy dance when I find things that make my life easier.  

And because I know many woman struggle with the same thing, I created a list of my top 5 favorites so I could share them with you!

a good support system

Honestly this is #1 on my list for a reason. As a mamapreneur who does not live near any family, I would feel lost if it wasn't for the people around me who offer their support, guidance and understanding.

One example is our amazing nanny, Ana! Not only does our son Aiden adore her but my husband and I cannot imagine life without her! We are very fortunate that Ana not only looks after Aiden with such care but she also cooks and does light cleaning. All of this is great but the best part is that we trust her and feel like she is part of the family. 

Another support system I appreciate is the mom's group I joined. It is great because we all have babies around the same age and can talk about the latest developments. We also live fairly close to one another which makes getting together easier, especially in L.A. 

I also have a very supportive and involved husband, a wonderful family and amazing friends, who even if I don't get to see them as often as I would like I know they are a video call away.

Having a support system is so important and something you probably already know. But something I have not always been so good with is actually asking for help. Funny how it seemed to get easier when I became a mother. I guess it is because you start to realize that it is just not possible to do everything yourself.

So my tip for you is to not only be sure you surround yourself with great people but that you are asking for help when you need it!

Easy nutrition

I am all for anything that saves time but when it comes to feeding my little one I also want to make sure I am giving him the best nutrition. With my demanding schedule it is not possible to make food from scratch everyday. Which is why I am thankful for convenient options which I can feel good about.

Aiden loves Plum Organics squeeze pouches. He can finish one in less than 2 minutes, it is seriously impressive! I love how you can choose by number (based on age) or by color (fruit and veggie categories) and that it makes being on the go so easy. And the best part is that it the ingredients are whole and simple!


Another household staple - pixsweet ice pops. Yes we may be biased, but these ice pops serve so many purposes: they can be any shape that your kid loves (airplane ice pops), they are all natural and good for you, there isn't an age restriction (no choking hazard), and they are a great teething option!  

And since I am still breastfeeding, what I put in my body is also important. And as busy mamas, we need simple ways to incorporate nutrition. For information on my nutrition philosophy and program read my blog post.


Can we just take a moment and jump up and down for FaceTime or any other video tool out there which makes talking to distant relatives on a regular basis possible!?  The fact that Aiden can not only hear but see his grandparents almost everyday is just amazing. I love to see his face light up when he hears the special ring of FaceTime. I am grateful for these moments not only because I want Aiden to know his grandparents but it also relieves me from having to be the entertainer when I am exhausted.  

Next on my list is something that every mom should seriously do the happy dance for. What's the best way to entertain a baby during breakfast ? Just ask Alexa! Seriously, Alexa by Amazon has all the answers! She tells jokes, can order your groceries, play music your baby will love, google search anything and even give you compliments. Aiden lights up and smiles when he hears me talking to Alexa. He especially enjoys the song that we ask her to play every morning, "Happy" by Pharrel.  We have the Echo Dot and it is the perfect size.

Last shout for technology goes to class pass. Thank you for understanding we all lead busy lives and need a simple way to book time for our fitness and wellness. Oh and by the way I also appreciate the fact that the lady boss founders of class pass also understood that variety is the spice of life, even when it comes to working out. I may only have time to work out once this week but I love the fact that I can find a new type of class, at a time that suits me and close to my house. 

doing what i love

Thankfully I have a job that I love. This does not mean that everyday is filled with roses. I still work a crazy amount of hours and find it hard to balance everything. However, doing what you love makes all the other stuff you are dealing with easier. 

I not only get to do what I love but I have the flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur. So when I have to take Aiden to the pediatrician I don't have to worry about asking my boss for time off. I just schedule the appointment and find the time to work around it. Yes this often means I am working late at night but I get to be there for my son which makes it easier to get less sleep. 

So that is my top 5 now I want to hear from you! Tell me what makes your life as a mama easier and do a happy dance! 



P.S. A special shout out to Rachel from #mumboss who started the mumbox, a retreat delivered to your door! I think every mama could use that!

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