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3 tips on evolving your priorities as a new daddy

3 tips on evolving your priorities as a new daddy

During the past 1.5 years a lot has happened! Laura and I moved to a new country, created a whole new social life, got married, bought a house and had a baby boy named Aiden! And if that wasn’t enough on my plate I also founded 4 start-ups! So, I guess you could say I have been a little busy. 

However, if I reflect back to when I was 6 years old, I was just as “busy” as I am today. I had to make time to play with legos, take a poop, change my clothes, eat dinner…and be the local arms dealer for my friends since their parents wouldn’t let them play with guns. 

Yet only after Aiden was born, I have grown a new sense on priorities, time management and what being “busy” really means! Of course now it comes with a nice injection of sleep deprivation! 

If you think about it, as our life evolves we are preparing ourselves for the new set of priorities even if we aren’t consciously thinking about it.  For example, I have been preparing myself for baby Aiden’s arrival for quite some time. I started hiring staff for my start-ups over a year ago, bought a house that would fit our new addition, signed a lease for our new factory and got all our legal and finances sorted for the businesses and installed a car seat , all before Aiden was born (ok, the car seat was actually Laura). If I hadn’t done all of that before Aiden came on the planet, I doubt I would have the time or energy to do it all now!

I guess what I am saying is that every age comes with a different set of priorities and worries. It all boils down to your perspective on what is important, which evolves over time.  When you are able to look past the things that don’t really matter versus make a big deal out of them that is when you truly flourish!

Spend your time on what really matters

Whether it’s the toilet seat being up or down, salsa sauce in the wrong container in the fridge, or the burping cloth put away in the wrong drawer…does it really make such a difference (insert my wife’s dirty look and eye roll here)?

I’ve always known this, but sometimes it can be difficult. Laura is always telling me to live more in the moment since I am so busy looking into the future. For example, I am already envisioning how I will teach Aiden to ride a bike, swim, build robots, break things, and pull pranks on mommy.

And even though Laura is working on “not sweating the small stuff” more than me, I would be lying if I said I never worry about things that don’t really matter!

The worry of today is the joke of tomorrow

I know we will laugh at ourselves just a few years down the road, but for me it’s a simple refusal to grow up and to be too comfortable in my current state.  I have been on a course my entire life and each time I look back, I think “I envisioned that…and now I am there”.

I even had all the opportunities to skip a few chapters and just jump onto the next …but I didn’t. And this is for a very simple reason; I always feared my creativity would stall if I grew up too quickly.

When you find balance in your life, you are the most successful

Thankfully I knew Aiden would be the one to really teach me how to slow down and be more in the moment. And I am not planning on missing out on his life because I was too busy and had something more important to deal with. After all, there is only 24 hours a day and we get old very quickly!

My advice is to choose really carefully what matters the most to you and who you want to spend your days with. We only have one life.

- Janne Kyttanen

Photo by 27 Smiles Photography

Photo by 27 Smiles Photography

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