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4 places in L.A. every city chic mom should take their babies

4 places in L.A. every city chic mom should take their babies

Who says motherhood can't be chic and fun?! That is my attitude when it comes to raising my little boy, Aiden, and finding places around our hood to explore together.

Even though I am a mamapreneur, which basically means I work 24/7, every Wednesday I get the pleasure of spending the whole day with my little guy!

Therefore, I have made it my mission to find places that we would both enjoy. Not only does it make for a great mid-week adventure, but this time also allows us to get closer.

I have discovered that there are actually some really cool places to take your babies around the city and I would like to share my top 4 with you:

Au Fudge  

I absolutely love this restaurant! Not because it is part-owned by Jessica Biel (although I do adore her and her talented hubby Justin T) but because it is made for kids and adults alike. 

They have a market with tons of unique gifts, candy and more; a play room; a tree house; a book shelf that opens up into a hidden room; and they serve fresh organic food and delicious adult cocktails! 

Oh and did I mention that if your child is over 2 you can check them into the play room with their on-site friendly staff while you enjoy food with friends? 

Honestly, if you haven not been to this restaurant then you should make sure you check it out as soon as possible.  

They also have mommy and me classes and story time!

Note: Even if you are not able to visit this restaurant, you must buy the book "The Story of Au Fudge." The author, Kimberly J Muller, is another owner of the place and the book is the inspiration behind the design and theme of the restaurant.  

West Hollywood Library

All I can say is FREE story time in a special room made just for the children at the WEHO library.  They also have a whole children's section with computers for the older kids, a play area for the younger ones and tons of books for all ages. 

For adults, the building is great too. The view from the children's area overlooks the Pacific Design Center and you can see all the things happening on Melrose. 

Lenny K Swim Classes

A couple we know told us about Lenny Krayzelberg swim lessons and so I joined them one morning to see what it was all about.  

After one visit I was sold and signed Aiden up for baby and me swim lessons. We have really enjoyed the classes and the instructors are great! 

Also, since I grew up swimming, it has been fun to see Aiden enjoy his time in the water and I'm continuously impressed with how quick he is learning (I think I get more nervous than he does).

Since we live in a city where there are many pools, I felt it was important to expose him early to the water. We started Aiden at 6 months but I have met parents who have even started their children as early as 4 months. 

Parks / Beaches

One thing I love about L.A. is the endless amount of outdoor activities.  Between parks, reservoirs, canyons, beaches, and mountains, there is so much to see.

I found out fast how much Aiden loves being outdoors and in nature.  So I am always looking for fun new parks and beaches we can try.  

A few of my favorites include: Franklin Canyon Park, Griffith Park (where you can visit the Zoo and the Observatory), the Hollywood Reservoir and Will Rodger State Park Beach near the Pacific Palisades. All of these places are stroller friendly! 

When we are at these parks, Aiden loves to play in the sand, swing on the playground, watch the ducks or walk in the Baby Bjorn carrier giggling with excitement. It is great for me since I usually end up getting a work out! 

Note: As a precaution from the sun, I always carry Babyganics sunscreen for all of our outdoor activities. Safe and effective for baby and mama skin.

Next up on our Wednesday adventures: Sensory Development classes, Annenberg Community Beach House, LACMA and the California Science Center! 

Where do you take your little ones? Share your ideas please!



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