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How to feel beautiful post pregnancy

How to feel beautiful post pregnancy

Have you ever worried about what would happen to your body when you got pregnant? I was one of those women who feared that I would gain a ton of weight and my face would look so swollen I wouldn't be recognizable! Maybe that is why I put it off until I was 36!? 

Seriously, what makes a "beautiful" pregnancy? Well if there is one thing I have learned is that everyone has a different experience and often it goes from one extreme to the other...kind of like those who live in either LOVE it or HATE it!

For me I fell in love with being pregnant and I cannot pin down exactly why that is but I can share with you a few secrets which most likely enabled this type of experience.   


Laura Kyttanen : How to feel beautiful post pregnancy

Nutrition is so important especially during your pregnancy.  But I haven't always been so good with my nutrition.  I am a huge foodie and used to think that if I worked out 80% of the time and spent 20% of my focus on eating well that I would be able to maintain my weight.  

However, once I was introduced to my nutrition coach, Rebecca-Louise, I realized that I had it all backwards. And truthfully, you don't even realize how bad you feel until you start to feel amazing! 

Mother nature is super smart and your body will go through the three trimesters craving different foods.  If you truly listen to these signals I believe it helps to ensure a better pregnancy.

Does this mean that if you crave a bag of cookies you should give into it? Probably not. But indulging in something sweet every once in a while is understandable and completely acceptable. Listening to your body for nutritional cues is super key to a healthy and beautiful pregnancy.

Now let me be super clear...there were moments where I craved a hamburger and fries or a whole pizza pie.  And I gave in to those cravings. However, I will also admit that often the feeling I had afterwards was complete remorse. I would feel too full, have more indigestion and just overall not feel beautiful. So giving in to those types of cravings slowly faded away because I could visualize the consequences.

Today in my last trimester, I have gained a healthy 25 pounds of baby weight. But it is not about the scale it is about how your feel!! I feel great and have amazing energy. I truly believe it is a result of staying on top of my nutrition and providing my body and baby the right nutrients at the right time of my pregnancy.  

So what is your story? If you are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant and want to learn more about my nutrition program please reach out to me!  Stay tuned for part II!

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