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Marcia Deneszczuk, Touch of Zuk

Marcia Deneszczuk, Touch of Zuk

I met Marcia Deneszczuk during LA Fashion week and I was blown away by her story, her beauty and authenticity.  Marcia is a women who is confident but not filled with ego. She knows who she is, what she wants, and isn't afraid to take chances and go for it!

Marcia's boys: Nathan on left (4) & Lucas on right (7). 

Marcia's boys: Nathan on left (4) & Lucas on right (7). 

Who is Marcia?  She is a mother of two boys, Beauty Director at Society Unici and Co-Founder of Total Glam Pro, a highly sought after make-up artist service which provides a wide range of looks for the Lifestyle, Fashion, Film and Beauty Industries.

Marcia is originally from São Paulo, Brazil where she and her husband had two children.  Six years ago, they moved to Los Angeles and Marcia was a stay at home mom. Then one day, she found herself going through a divorce and wanting to find work again. She decided to go to school in Hollywood for make up since she always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics. 

Behind the scenes at NY Fashion Week, where Marcia is doing make up.

Behind the scenes at NY Fashion Week, where Marcia is doing make up.

When she was finishing school, she was presented an opportunity to go to Fashion Week in NYC.  Even though she said yes and was thrilled, she had to find a way to finance it all: the plane ticket, the hotel, the make up and the nanny for her children while she was away. She made it happen because she knew it would take her places.

During NYFW, she networked like crazy which led to even greater opportunities: the lead make up artist for Malan Breton; Miss Brazil USA in LA; and Beauty Director at Society Unici. Three years later, she is living her dreams! 

Marcia's business partner, Anna Rangel, is equally authentic and beautiful!  I got a chance to sit down with these ladies during our first make-up tutorial where I learned a ton and we had plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, due to my limited video skills, part of this session did not record and we had to re-shoot. Sadly, Anna was not able to make it to this video shoot due to scheduling conflicts. But I hope to spend more time with her in the near future.

For a taste of Marcia and to see how you can get a flawless daytime look in under 10 minutes, keep scrolling down!  You will also get to see the inspiration behind the Sensorial Brand Wheel that I created for Total Glam Pro and get a special offer for booking with Total Glam Pro! 



Tell me about your brand and your ideal customer: 

Total Glam Pro is committed to helping every woman look and feel their best. Our makeup application services are top quality, affordable and convenient. Once you've experienced the Total Glam Treatment, you will feel glamorous and empowered.

In a few words describe what you love best about your job:

To be able to make people feel beautiful and happy with the way they look.

How would your ideal customer feel about your brand?

Excited to have a professional makeup artist coming to you to make you look and feel glamorous.

How would your brand smell?

Angel perfume by Mugler; Sweet and unique.

How would you describe the look of your brand?

Sophisticated and fashion forward.

How would your brand taste and why?

Strawberries and champagne because you always have the red carpet treatment with Total Glam Pro!

How would your brand sound?

Relaxed, confident and fun!

What 2-3 tips would you give to other lady bosses?:

  1. Try to network as much as you can
  2. Stay tuned to what's happening in your field
  3. Be creative and believe in yourself

SPECIAL OFFER: The first person to book a session with Total Glam Pro will receive a special goody bag filled with beauty supplies! 

Make up used in this tutorial

Make up on Laura Kyttanen by  Marcia Deneszczuk , co-founder of  Total Glam Pro .

Make up on Laura Kyttanen by Marcia Deneszczuk, co-founder of Total Glam Pro.

Laura Kyttanen's Sensorial Brand Wheel is not to be reused without permission.

Laura Kyttanen's Sensorial Brand Wheel is not to be reused without permission.


Beautiful, confident, sweet, and sophisticated!

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