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Erin Howard & Melissa Peard

Erin Howard & Melissa Peard

Super excited to celebrate two amazing women, Erin Howard and Melissa Peard, who have taken athletic maternity fashion to the next level. Goodbody goodmommy is the result of their frustrating experiences searching high and low for the right athletic garments to wear during their pregnancy. When nothing seemed to work, the idea of making a maternity athleisure brand was born.  

As a mom-midwife combo, the goodbody goodmommy co-founders approach maternity product design from a unique POV. From their love of fitness, Erin an avid runner and Melissa a spin-aholic, they wanted to ensure their products are suitable for mom-to-be athletes. Their products allow women to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their pregnancy but not while sacrificing fashion.

It is their goal to expand to a full line of maternity athleisure garments that combine support with style and comfort using high-end fabrics.  Currently their most popular product, the multitasking maternity and nursing cardigan, is only $55 plus free shipping or you can purchase on Amazon! I bought one today and can't wait to get it for our upcoming trip to Europe!

I met Erin Howard in 1997 during Rush Week freshmen year of college. Not only did we join the same sorority but we moved to NYC after graduating from college to pursue our dreams. Erin always impressed me with her savvy business skills and we connected over our love for running.  Now we are both mamapreneurs, and even though we live in different cities, I am so honored to celebrate her and her business partner, Melissa! 

Watch the Lady Boss Mamas interview with co-founder Erin Howard and then read further to get more of a taste of Erin and Melissa's passions:

In this interview with Erin Howard, co-founder and designer of the breastfeeding clothing line, Good Body Good Mommy, we talk about what to look for in a manufacturer when you're getting started, why manufacturing in the USA is better for YOU and for your product. We also ask Erin to share her embarrassing breastfeeding in public moments and her inspiration for creating her nursing cover. This is a must watch for all new mamas and anyone deciding how to go from having an idea for a product to getting it manufactured!


ERIN: I love that Ah-ha moment when you think of something that doesn’t currently exist in the market. There were SO MANY things that I wanted when I was pregnant (and nursing!) that I couldn’t find. 

MELISSA:  I agree with Erin about the Ah-ha moment. That initial "we got it!" is really what drives you. I love taking an idea from conception to execution. The design trial and error can include so many ups and downs that it is hard to keep your head up some days. But, the thing I love the absolute most is reaching a new customer and hearing that they loved the product. That is what this is all about! Helping a new mom!


ERIN: Create something that YOU love. You spend too much time working on a project as an entrepreneur to do something that you don’t love. 

MELISSA: Everything is a learning experience. Don't get too down on yourself or critical if things don't go as planned. Use that lesson as fuel to execute the next step.


ERIN: A sea salt chocolate caramel! Sweet and salty. Entrepreneur life is filled with different, contrasting flavors – highs and lows. But they all have a reason for working together.

MELISSA: My life would taste like a big glass of rose. It's important to take even a few minutes to yourself and savor the good things.

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