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Gina Greblo

Gina Greblo

Ever meet someone whose energy puts you under a spell of peace and cheerfulness? Gina Greblo is that person to me!  Our paths crossed during a Los Angeles Angel Investor meeting and I just knew it was someone that I wanted in my life. Thankfully I think she felt the same since we became fast friends who can talk about anything! Gina is full of optimism, good energy and tons of experience. Whenever we are together I lose track of time. 

One of the many things we talk about is our goals as entrepreneurs. Which is why I am so excited to feature Gina as a lady boss. Having been "blessed" with baby fine hair, Gina searched a long time for solutions which would make her hair look stylish and pretty. Once she could not find what she was looking for, she saw an opportunity to create it herself and Easy Updo® Extensions was born.  To Gina's surprise, there are more people who craved a quick, easy and stylish updo, besides those with thin hair! Since we are all pressed with time these days why spend an hour or more of your day getting the perfect look, when you can use Easy Updo Extensions and have beautiful hair in just seconds?! Because the extensions are longer than most people's hair, it makes an easy styling tool to hold the hair in place and guide it into a number of updo styles.

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I love helping people, and as an entrepreneur I get to do it personally and professionally. In business, I help women who want to get a pretty hairstyle in seconds, so they can spend their valuable time on other priorities. The most rewarding feeling is hearing others enthusiastically refer my product to their friends. This makes me feel that all of the sacrifices I made along this journey were worth it.

In life, I have a flexible schedule so I can be there for friends and family. This is such a bonus compared to life in the corporate world. I love being responsible for my own schedule and having freedom to choose where I work! An added bonus - I get to have my yellow lab, Leo, as my sidekick most of the time.


Identifying friends and colleagues for mutual support and brainstorming is valuable and motivating, because being an entrepreneur can take you down a lonely road. Mentors can be a tremendous source of inspiration, guidance, and enthusiasm. 

Focus is important. You can't do anything well when you are scattered in a number of different directions.


I had the most delicious sushi roll the other night called the Izakaya roll by Katsuya Sushi. It is with tempura shrimp, spicy albacore, crispy onions, and cucumbers with truffle oil sprinkled over the top. I'm not crazy about shrimp, but I took the chef's recommendation and discovered something tantalizing. Like in life, when you take a number of ingredients and put some creativity behind them, you may be astounded by the result!

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