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Holly Glasser

Holly Glasser

I first met Holly Glasser, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of MITH Magazine, through a mutual friend. After only five minutes of meeting her, I was telling her my life story!  Perhaps this is because of Holly’s positive energy, which puts you at ease right away, or her ability to ask the right questions, which surely comes in handy as an editor of a magazine. Either way, I was talking my head off and feeling instantly connected to this beautiful lady boss!

Fast forward to present day, we can still chat for hours about everything, even after an intense Soul Cycle class, and I feel extremely blessed to call Holly a friend. I’m also amazed at all she does! Not only is she busy rocking it as a magazine editor, but she is also a model, actress and musician (ask her to play the ukulele for you or about her fun pop single coming out soon)! And she wrote this single herself!

Read further to learn how she balances it all and what her life tastes like!


To be a successful business woman, you need to be consistent with daily routines and tasks and stick to them. You also need to create deadlines for projects and a budget that you can really commit to. 

In addition, commit to excellence in everything you do. Give your best efforts always. Break your own glass ceiling. Push the limits to your potential. Always give it just a little bit more effort than expected. 

It really is all about commitment consistency, and quality. You will see powerful results if you stick to these three things!

I'd love to add one more tip: Balance! You must find balance so you don't burn out. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a breather. Go out in the sun for an hour and stretch. Have a tea with a bestie and exchange some good laughs. Stay positive by surrounding yourself with grounded and inspirational and caring people who really value your presence. Unplug from electronics when you get a chance and detox from distractions and negative energies. Breathe in, exhale deeply, and always maintain an attitude of gratitude. Speak life into every situation, even the hardest circumstances, and take setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

Keeping a positive, consistent, and balanced attitude will get you far! 


My life would taste like jasmine pearl tea. It is my favorite drink and smells like wildflowers. It has a refreshing, pleasing, and powerful aroma. These are three traits I hope my presence brings into a room and that my work brings into the community.

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