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Arian Simone

Arian Simone

Ever heard a story which had your jaw dropping, eyes tearing and chills wiggling up your spine all at the same time? That is exactly what happened when I listened to Arian Simone give a short summary of her life during the "Women In Progress" event hosted by Motrin and Tracee Ellis Ross.  

Arian Simone is two persons to the left of Tracee Ellis Ross (center). 

Arian Simone is two persons to the left of Tracee Ellis Ross (center). 


Although Arian has had many obstacles to overcome in her life, including being homeless, she has embraced them with open arms and a dedication to persevere. Which is why I cannot think of a better person to lead a "fearless" movement! She embodies this word with grace, style and a huge smile which could light up any room. 

Because of her history and her big heart, Arian is passionate about supporting other female entrepreneurs.  She does this through organizing events, publishing her magazine "Fearless" and creating other merchandise for sale which is meant to be inspirational and motivational.  She is also passionate about helping to reduce homelessness.

Which is why you want to check out her upcoming event FEARLESS RELOADED, a one-day conference inspiring women to live fulfilled, confident, bold lives while making a positive impact on the world.  The Fearless Reloaded Conference serves as a fundraiser for the Fearless Foundation, whose mission is to reduce homelessness by providing support to women’s shelters. All conference profits are allocated to the Fearless Foundation.

Arian Simone featured on the left.

Arian Simone featured on the left.

I am excited to share a taste of Arian's life with you!  Read further for an interview with Arian and a look behind the inspiration for the Sensorial Mood Wheel I created exclusively for her. 

Tell me about your brand. what are you selling, why should people care and who is your ideal customer?

My brand stems from my own personal Fearless Journey. I believe that being Fearless is an ingredient to success. We are selling content, merchandise, events, and more. People care because they view us as a sign of hope. Our ideal customer is 31 years old, female and has an entrepreneurial interest.

In a few words describe what you love best about your job:

I love that I am in a position to serve people whether it is through our workshops, clubs, training, products, merchandise, events and more. I love seeing what we offer play a role in the improvement of someone's life.

How would your ideal customer feel about your brand?

Our ideal customer feels empowered about our brand. They are encouraged to live their dreams.

How would your brand smell?

Our brand has a strong floral scent that, think of Jo Malone's Red Rose.

How would you describe the look of your brand?

The look of our brand is black white with pop color. The pop color is bold and bright.

How would your brand taste and why?

Our brand taste is filled with flavor, our adventurous appeal leaves no room to disappoint on flavor.

How would your brand sound?

Our brand would sound loud but not overbearing.

What 2-3 tips would you give to other lady bosses?

  1. Have patience 
  2. Trust the process
  3. Celebrate the wins, big and small

Arian Simone's Sensorial Mood Wheel created by Laura Kyttanen. Cannot be reused without permission.

Arian Simone's Sensorial Mood Wheel created by Laura Kyttanen. Cannot be reused without permission.

Words that inspired me for Arian's Sensorial Mood Wheel:

Approachable, bold, confident, empowering, fearless, feminine, inspiring, sweet, wise



A women who inspires others, is a mover and shaker and has a story to tell, then you deserve to be recognized! Submit your story and you will have the chance to be featured on my lady boss page and get your own FREE Sensorial Mood Wheel!

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