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Tambi Saffran

Tambi Saffran

After meeting the Publisher of Focus Magazine at a Tech Coast Angels event, I started following the magazine on Instagram. Focus Magazine is a community-powered online and printed magazine for West Los Angeles.

And it is through this that I discovered the lovely and talented Tambi Saffran (A.K.A. Just Tambi), a host and Food Editor for Focus. 

After following and liking all the great stuff Tambi was doing, I decided to reach out to her and boldly sent her a message on IG.  One day later we jumped on a call and couldn't stop chatting about all the potential collaborations for Pixsweet (my husband's company of which I support branding and marketing)! Proof that you can actually make real connections through social media!

Over the last few months, I have gotten to know Tambi better and really enjoy her charisma and energy! Recently I even got to be on camera with Tambi when she interviewed Pixsweet on Focus TV. After the interview I was asked to join her for a segment called "Fast Focus," where she literally fired questions at me for 60 seconds to see how fast I could answer. Let's just say this wasn't my finest moment on camera (why was it so hard to answer what my favorite designer is?) but it was a lot of fun! Tambi knows how to put you at ease and get you to laugh, which breaks the ice!

I am thrilled to feature Tambi! Someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, knows how to get the job done and loves a good rock and roll tune!

For a taste of Tambi's life, read the interview below. You will also see what words inspired me to create her personalized Sensorial Mood Wheel. 

Tell us about your brand and your ideal customer:

My brand is me: Just Tambi, host and producer! As a host, I inform my audience about people, organizations and interesting things that are going on. My followers are interested in what I am doing and are into food, music and fitness. 

As a Food Editor for Focus Magazine in Los Angeles, I interview a lot of chefs so I am up on all the places to eat around town and what to order. People often hit me up for recommendations and I love when I recommend a place and I hear how much they enjoyed it!

I am also a producer and recently co-produced a documentary about the history and evolution of lead female guitar players, The Axe Factor/She Rocks.

How did you get into this profession?

I knew I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry, so I moved to Los Angeles from New York. I started by doing many things behind the camera, like a producer for MTV's Road Rules.  

After I had children, I took a short break. Eventually I got back into the business by co-producing a documentary on the history and evolution of lead female guitar players.

Tambi Saffran with Andy Waldman

Tambi Saffran with Andy Waldman

Then one day I met Andy Waldman, the publisher of Focus Magazine, at Starbucks. We became friends and soon after he handed me a microphone and asked me to host the LA Music Awards at the Whiskey A Go Go!! He saw something in me and gave me an incredible opportunity. But I had to go home and think about it! I was a bit nervous to try something I've never done before. But I asked myself, "what is the worst thing that could happen?" So I gave it a shot and did my best research for the gig and nailed it! After that I got the bug, and started hosting for Focus. 

Photo credit:  Tim Horton

Photo credit: Tim Horton

Tell us about the interview that touched you the most?

Kyle Stefanski, who lost his mother to pancreatic cancer around the same time I knew someone close to me who was battling this so it hit home. He started a foundation called Rhonda's Kiss and it raises money for people who can't afford the treatments, or wigs, etc. It was a very emotional interview for me and I am very touched by what they are doing. 

I remember telling him I wasn't in the position to write a big check to support the cause but what I could do was create more awareness about what they are doing. And if something good comes out of that, then I feel like I have contributed! 

Tambi's interview with Kyle Stefanski

Tambi's interview with Kyle Stefanski

In a few words describe what you love best about your job?

Hosting has given me the opportunity to meet many interesting people. I love to hear individual stories. I also love to be on red carpets, out supporting events and organizations I am passionate about. Creating awareness is a way I can give back. That also goes for producing a documentary that is empowering to women.

Tambi with Mick Fleetwood

Tambi with Mick Fleetwood

How would your ideal customer feel about your brand?

My ideal customer would feel like they have a voice to tell the audience something about themselves. I always do some research before I interview someone, so my questions are on target and engage the person I am having a conversation with.

As a result, I am constantly working on skills to interview people which helps me as a host and as a producer. Good communication is key and something that can always be improved upon.

How would your brand smell?

I've been using Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom for years. I love the nectarine smell and how fresh and clean it is. I also like the smell of gardenia because it reminds me of Bali, the most exotic place I've visited. I don't wear gardenia fragrance but i enjoy burning gardenia candles that fill my surroundings with this wonderful smell.

How would you describe the look of your brand?

A combo of casual, elegant, rock and roll, and bohemian. I'm a bit of all of these at one time or another and can easily adapt my look to the interview or location. I'm a bit of chameleon like that!"

How would your brand taste and why?

Like a tall glass of good champagne... bubbly and effervescent and served for special occassions. I like to have fun, make people feel comfortable and try to treat every person I interview like they are special, because they are! 

I also have a goofy side that you don't really know until you get to know me a little better. That's just me, even without champagne, although it helps.


How would your brand sound?

I'm a  fan of classic rock so it would definitely sound like good old fashion rock and roll. But at times, it would sound like jazz, or rhythm and blues or even alternative; depending on my mood. Like i said, i am a chameleon.

My brand would definitely sound like Jim Morrison singing LA Woman because for me being a woman in Los Angeles is so exciting... there are so many diverse, talented interesting and strong lady bosses out there. Some are balancing families with their jobs. The LA Woman is without a doubt someone to sing about!

What 2-3 tips would you give to other lady bosses?

Be gracious, genuine, sincere and most of all, be yourself!

Words that inspired the wheel:

Classic, calming, genuine, communicator, and bubbly!



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