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Molly Ades, Soul Ma

Molly Ades, Soul Ma

I love meeting fellow people from Chicago! So obviously when I connected with Molly Ades through Instagram, I was very excited! For one, it meant that we shared a common understanding of a few things like, "Pop," that Chicago is not really the Midwest (even if it is in the middle of America), that a subway is really the "L train" and finally, that Lake Michigan is really known as the "Beach" (so get it straight people)! 

After just a few minutes on the phone I figured out we actually shared way more than just our home town city! We were both working moms and bloggers trying to balance it all! 

Molly started Molly Ades Maternity, a maternity and nursing clothes line for moms who desire to stay stylish and confident during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum.

Why? As a new mom, she often felt tired and overwhelmed, particularly when it came to breastfeeding and finding the right clothes. Therefore, she craved easy, practical yet stylish clothing! Out of a desire to help new moms feel confident and beautiful during their early stages of motherhood, she decided to start her first collection in 2012.

After one year she was in 100 stores and being featured in magazines like Pregnancy and Newborn. Five years, and two children later, Molly is still creating beautiful pieces of which are now sold online! Interested in ordering something from Molly's website? For being a fan, you will receive a 20% discount when entering ladyboss20 at checkout. 

As if she isn't busy enough as a mamapreneuer, Molly also cares about other women who are trying to do it all. Earlier this year, she hosted an exclusive online event for overwhelmed mothers called "Mothering in Style!" It took her 6 months to interview a variety of 20 incredible women (moms, entrepreneurs, writers, stylists, yoga teachers, health and wellness coaches, etc.). Why? So other moms could hear their stories, learn from their experiences and possibly have their lives changed! 

Interested in learning more about Molly and the inspiration behind her Sensorial Mood Wheel? Read my interview with her below.  

Also stay tuned, because Molly and I have decided to partner on something that we are excited to share soon!

Tell us about your brand and your ideal customer: 

I design a line of breastfeeding clothes for moms who deserve to feel stylish and confident after baby - which is all moms! Motherhood is a transformative experience, which can be uncomfortable and challenging in so many ways, emotionally and physically. I want to help new moms navigate motherhood with style and confidence, while trusting their own intuition and eliminating feelings of stress and doubt. I believe the clothes you wear reflect the way to feel about yourself, and as moms, we need to always be taking care of ourselves. It's too easy to give everything away and it catches up to you eventually.

In a few words describe what you love best about your job?

I love getting emails and handwritten notes from moms who love my clothes. If I made a mom's day a little easier because she felt happy with what she was wearing and she was able to take care of her baby better, that's the best. I also love sharing my personal stories with fellow moms. I think storytelling is a powerful tool in understanding each other and not comparing and judging so much. We need to remind ourselves that even if we make different mothering choices, we are all connected and in this together.

How would your ideal customer feel about your brand?

She would buy a style in every color because she would live in the line after baby! Many of my customers buy 2 of everything because they wear and wash it so often.

How would your brand smell?

New baby is a smell, right? Like a baby's warm head and maybe fabric softener. I love the smell of herbs and plants because they make me feel pampered and connected to Mother Earth - and moms need to feel pampered too. Rosemary and lavender, fresh grasses.

How would you describe the look of your brand?

Classic, simple, easy. You feel dressed up while still staying comfortable and relaxed. The clothes don't make you look like you tried too hard; they just work. You really don't need any accessories because the clothes stand alone nicely and make the outfit complete all on their own.

How would your brand taste and why?

Oranges! It's what comes to mind because of my signature orange zipper!

How would your brand sound?

Like water and waves. The ocean at night. Calming energy from the Earth and tides.

What 2-3 tips would you give to other lady bosses?

Don't manipulate everything to make it exactly what you want. Stick to your goal and vision, but be open to other ideas. You never know what the Universe has in store for you. Always follow your gut - it is right - ALWAYS. There is no question about this.

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Stylish, friendly, classic, open, and caring!



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