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Trina Belton, SPA LÉ LA

Trina Belton, SPA LÉ LA

Hey mamas! What is the one thing you are always being told to do or even thinking you should do but never seem to find the time to do it?

If you guessed self care you are right!

And if you are like me, this has probably been on your "to do" list for months after your baby was born. But naturally, all the excuses in the world seem to pop up, like "too much work", "why hire a babysitter to get a massage," or even "it's too expensive!" 

However, when you receive an invitation which says: "You're invited to an intimate soirée to experience a taste of SPA LÉ LA to share bubbles and bites with the ladies of Gratitude Collaborative," you start to get curious.  And when you read further and it says "onsite childcare during the event" you clear your calendar and find the time to get there! 

And wow, I am so glad that I did! Not only did I discover a magical oasis for mothers to go to for a day of self care which offers free onsite childcare, I was also introduced to the amazing founder of the Spa, Trina Belton.

It was during our tour of the Spa that I knew I had to share this place and Trina's magnificent energy with all the Lady Bosses and Lady Boss Mamas out there! 

From the moment you enter the Spa, you feel you are on a holiday. The staff greets you with a warm smile and a "we will take care of you" attitude. Everyone is treated like gold, including the children.  I learned during my time with Trina that all the staff are carefully selected and screened, not only for their experience but also their attitude.

Beyond the relaxing environment and wonderful staff, the services are all affordable! So you don't have to feel bad for giving yourself the time you deserve. 

Speaking of services, did I mention there is a retreat room where you can go just to take a nap, get some alone time with a good book or even relax in a infrared sauna?

But the one service you must try is the massage by Jo Jo! Seriously, hands down the best massage I ever had and it was only 20 min!!

Yes ladies, if you live in Los Angeles, this place actually does exist and is not just in your dreams! 

If this feature doesn't give you a reason to book your mini stay-cation today, take a look at my interview with Trina to discover why I felt so drawn to her, and became such a big fan of what she is doing!

In addition, you will learn how she got into the business, what inspired her to start this particular spa, what her most memorable spa experience has been, what her life tastes like right now and more! 

Thanks for reading, watching, commenting and sharing! 


P.S. If you are bummed you do not live in the L.A. area (and do not have a vacation out west planned anytime soon), Trina is looking to franchise the business and grow all over the nation. So be on the look out for this gem to pop up in your neighborhood, hopefully one day soon! 

Sensorial Branding Wheel created by Laura Kyttanen for Trina Belton, Founder of  Spa Lé La

Sensorial Branding Wheel created by Laura Kyttanen for Trina Belton, Founder of Spa Lé La


Calm, relaxed, a sensory experience and taken care of. 



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