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Lorena Garcia, Co-founder of Bloguettes and Majka

Lorena Garcia, Co-founder of Bloguettes and Majka

When I was first introduced to Lorena Garcia, I was drawn to her profile photo on Instagram, CallMeLore. She is wearing a jacket that says "never say never," and I thought, "I cannot wait to learn more about this mantra and other things that make this Lady Boss Mama tick!"

Who is Lorena? A female powerhouse entrepreneur running two businesses, while rocking it as a wife, mama and lifestyle blogger! Lorena lives in Scottsdale Arizona with her husband Dustin, toddler boy, Diego and their French Bulldog, Sade. 

As I got to know Lorena through our interview and reading her blog, I was convinced that our paths were destined to cross! 

First, we both blog to inspire and encourage other women to follow their dreams and that it is possible to do what you love with work, learn new things that excite you and still have a family! 

Second, there is a mutual respect for health and beauty! I especially loved her blog post about Superfood Lattes: The perfect Coffee Alternative! Her photos and recipes are so amazing that I wanted to jump in the kitchen and start creating my own! 

Last, we are both mamapreneurs balancing multiple businesses that empower creativity and support motherhood. Here is what you need to know about Lorena's businesses. 

  • Bloguettes is a place where entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bloggers could learn about how to grow their presence online. Currently there are two parts of the company, Wela Creative Studio and Stock That Rocks. Wela Creative is the branding and consulting agency that works with new and existing businesses to create an engaging and lasting branding that best serves their intentions and audience. Stock That Rocks is the stock photography brand where members can receive professional Instagrammable” stock photos for their personal or professional use. 
  • Majka (which means mother in Bosnian) creates products that support mothers post-partum, including a lactation supplement powder and bites. These products feed new moms the nutrients they need to not only breastfeed easier, but feel better all around. 

Now that we have established some background on Lorena, let's dive into the interview where I talk to Lorena about her jacket, POWER, and other Lady Boss Mama wisdom.

1) I love your IG photo on your personal page with the jacket that says "never say never" - tell me more about this mantra and what it means to you!

It's so funny that you noticed that! I use to always say things like I would never do this or that and ended up doing it anyway so for me it means to stay open to new opportunities that come your way because you never know what they will lead to!

Lorena Garcia's profile photo  on Instagram in her "Never Say Never" jacket carrying her son, Diego.

Lorena Garcia's profile photo on Instagram in her "Never Say Never" jacket carrying her son, Diego.

2) In one sentence how do you define power and what color is power to you? 

There are so many definitions of power. For me, I love to define power as influence, strength, respect and leadership.  When you have built enough credibility for people to follow you, trust you and let you guide them. I think red is the color that reminds me of power. 

3) have your views on power shifted after becoming a mother? how? 

Yes! After giving birth you really realize the power you have had all along. I have become much more empowered, inspired and confident in my daily life.

4) You sure balance a lot - what are your top 3 secrets for not depleting your power as a Lady Boss Mama? 

  1. Be unapologetic about taking care of yourself! The happier and better you feel, the better your family will be. 
  2. Know who you are, what you stand for and stay true to that. Don't let what others are doing influence your dream or influence what you think about yourself. 
  3. We are all on a different path so focus on yourself and you will succeed.

Lorena Garcia creating some post-partum nutrition with  Majka  products.

Lorena Garcia creating some post-partum nutrition with Majka products.

5) Why did you start Majka and what is the overall vision for the brand?  

Majka was inspired after giving birth to my son. I was totally depleted physically and mentally and did not take the time to care for myself. I needed a product that would help fuel and nourish my body and there was nothing on the market that filled this need.

I realized that new moms need a lot of support and that nutrition is one of the main factors in postpartum recovery so I wanted to create products that helped new moms with postnatal depletion. 

I envision Majka being the go-to brand that addresses all mothers needs during the first year postpartum. We have new products in the works and possibly our own retail location.

Lorena  would love to have a super power to make others happy!

Lorena would love to have a super power to make others happy!

6) If you were a super hero what would your name be, what power would you have and why?

I am not sure about a name, but I would love to have the superpower to make others happy! I am a people-pleaser by nature - so it would be fantastic to make someone smile when they are having a tough day or going through a difficult time!

7)  In one word describe Diego's power and what it means to you. 

Love! Diego has so much love to give and share and I have so much love for him! I have never felt love like this and it's so amazing, but also crazy to think that this little human has so much power over you and your decisions.  

Lorena posts a photo on Instagram of her son, Diego, to feature her  back to school guide for healthy snack choices  for the little ones. 

Lorena posts a photo on Instagram of her son, Diego, to feature her back to school guide for healthy snack choices for the little ones. 

8) What is one question you have for me about power? 

What does power mean to you and how does that apply to your daily life?

Great question Lorena! Overall, I believe our definition of power shifts as we evolve through life.

For example, in my early 20's I would have defined power as a state of being in control and constant action in order to achieve your end game. This would result in more aggressive behavior, trying to get ahead at all costs and making decisions which could be perceived as more selfish. 

However, like you, I feel that motherhood has created a huge shift in me and how I look at power.  I am now in my late 30's and I see power as a state of calm, where despite the chaos you feel grounded and strong with who you are and where you are. It is about letting go of control and being present in the now to see where the moment takes you. I find it more fun to work on teams, to not be intimidated by those who have different skill sets than mine but instead be inspired by it, and I tend to get less stressed by situations that are out of my control (except when it pertains to my husband, I am still working on that one! But hey - we all have development opportunities, right)!

At the end of my interview with Lorena, I was ready to pack up the entire house and drag my family to Scottsdale so we could be neighbors. Okay, that may sound like #momcrush overload, but seriously - isn't Lorena amazing?

If this feature inspired you as much as it did me, please tell us about it!  And as always - thanks for reading, sharing and giving these posts some love!

Until the next Lady Boss Mamas feature - remember it takes a lot of grit and even more soul to create magic! 



P.S. Lorena, if you are reading this - you don't have to worry, my family voted La La Land over Arizona. But I am not giving up on the idea entirely, so if any real estate opens up next to you - call me girlfriend! LOL - but seriously! ;)  

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